Mind-blowing Examples of Mandela Effect That Will You Stunned.

Mind-blowing Examples of Mandela Effect That Will You Stunned

The Mandela effect is a phenomenon that is sweeping across the internet. In recent times it has attracted lots of attention to itself with more and more people taking note of it. The Mandela effect is the name given to those instances and situations we remember in a specific way, but in actual fact, we are wrong.

The theory comes from lots of people around the world, remembering that Nelson Mandela died in the 80s, whereas he was alive although in prison. Some people even claim to have seen his funeral on TV, whereas he actually died in 2013.

The funny thing is there are lots of instances where people misremember certain instances. You might have come across some in the past without realizing it. A perfect example is the iconic star wars phrase by Darth Vader, “Luke, I am your father,” which many people claim they heard, but it really isn’t what he said. He actually says, “No, I am your father.” There are lots of instances of the Mandela effect that will leave you scratching your head, check them out below.

This is not the spelling of “Oscar Meyer.”

Many people remember the name of Oscar Meyer with an “e” instead of an “a.” The popular hot dogs and lunch meats brand has always been known as Oscar Mayer and not Oscar Meyer.

It is not Chic-fil-A or Chik-Fil-A but ratherChick-fil-A

Some people claim that the famous fast-food chicken restaurant was called Chic-fil-A. Some even remember the name as Chik-fil-A. But the funny thing is that both are incorrect. The company has always gone by Chick-fil-A, and never did they change their name.

“We Are the Champions” has a different ending than most people remember.

The popular song by Queen “We are the Champions” is wrongly given additional lyrics at the end by most people. Most persons remember the final lyrics to be “No time for losers, ’cause we are the champions… of the world!” But Queens never added “of the world!” to the lyric of the song. Even till this moment, lots of people still insist that “of the world!” is part of the final lyrics.

Curious George did not have a tail

Lots of people claim to have seen Curious George with a tail. Some even claim to have seen him use the tail to pick up items and swing from a tree. However, when you pay a close look at Curious George, you won’t see any tails. It will

The name of the show isn’t Sex in the City

Lots of people insist the show’s title is Sex in the City, but that’s not true. The show has always been called Sex and the City. You have to wonder where these people got the new name from. Maybe they got it on another earth?

C-3PO isn’t gold plated all over its body

Most Star Wars fans recall seeing C-3PO as entirely painted gold in the original trilogy. However, they remember incorrectly. Not all part of C-3PO was gold, in fact, one of his legs as silver. Even despite seeing the movie lots of times, many fans still insist they never see that difference.