Tips You Should Know When Shopping on Amazon

Tips You Should Know When Shopping on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retail outlet. There is hardly anything you can’t find on it. Even despite the vast selection of items on offer, people still find it difficult to find exactly what they want on Amazon. There is more to shopping on Amazon than buying all your favorite items. You have to look out for ways to save money and time in your shopping.

However, finding the tips to make your Amazon experience worthwhile can be a bit difficult; hence why we’ve compiled this list of helpful tips, you should know when shopping on Amazon.

Get a cash back if you notice any price drop after you buy an item

How this works: There are times when immediately you buy an item, within the next day or two, it goes on sale, and attracts a price drop. Such experiences can be a bit painful. However, there is a way to go about it. If you notice a price drop on any of your purchase, you can get in touch with Amazon via Call, Email, or live chat, and they will send you the difference.

Note: This feature is only applicable to items shipped and sold by Amazon. It also states on their T&C that this feature is only effective when it is carried out within seven days of the delivery date.

Get a refund on cellphones and televisions if you see a better deal elsewhere

If after purchasing your TV or cell phone on Amazon you come across a lower price plan of the same product in another online or physical store, you can get a refund of the differences from Amazon.  

Note: To ensure you get your refund for the difference on a cell phone or television, contact Amazon’s customer service either by phone or chat 14 days after shipping. You can also send them an email as well. Typical response time for emails is usually between 24-48 hours.

Cash in on your old stuff using Amazon’s trade-in program

Do you have an old gadget lying around in the house, then you can use the Amazon trade-in program. Whether it is an old tablet or phone, you can get a sizeable value for it on Amazon by exchanging it for a Gift Card. The trade-in program is open to other items like DVDs, CDs, Videos games, and even textbooks.

Note: The trade-in on Amazon, will get you an Amazon gift card, and not necessarily actual cash. However, you can use the gift card to make purchases on Amazon. So those old stuff in your basement might just be cash waiting to be harvested.