Top Online File Converters

There are few cases while using internet and computer that you have a file which can’t be operated on your computer. So, in this situation, instead of creating your content from the start in a suitable format, you find a file converter so you can convert your content in an appropriate format. There are multiple types of online converter found on the internet, and few of them are found for free. I want to add a list of file converters which can be very helpful.


An online converter that I need to mention here is It may be a new website for you. However; I have found this file converter the most usable of all the converters available on the internet. This website is a free converter, and unlike other file converters on the internet, you have the facility of choosing multiple converters from this single website. is providing six different types of converters, including document converter, image converter, audio converter, book converter, video converter and archive converter. Further, this website is also providing a paid option. If you avail paid option, you can not only get unlimited file conversion option, but also you can store files in your account.

You can visit for details regarding their different converters, paid options and packages.


2. Zamzar

A free converter that I want to discuss here is Zamzar. Zamzar is a simple, free, online video converter. It converts a video to MP3/MP4 format online for free. You can use this file converter to convert your computer videos, but most importantly, people are using it to convert their favourite videos from streaming websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. to their favourite MP3 or MP4 format. It should be noted here that the output file provided by the file converter has high quality without any loss. You need to put your email address on the website to have your converted file.


3- Aconvert

Aconvert is an online converter that is an all in one converter providing an option to their users to convert multiple files in users’ preferred format. Aconvert can convert videos, images, texts, ebooks and more. Users will also have the option of changing the video size, video aspect, frame rate and bit rate as well. However; it should be noted that the maximum size of the video for this converter is 200 MB.

4- Convertio

This file converter is used by students, teachers or individuals related to writing work. Convertio is a free converter used to convert a text into a word file. You will need to add your files in the provided dialog box and click on convert to get your required format document. The free converter offers the option to save your obtained file in google drive or drop box. You will also have the option to download the converted file in zip format.


5- Online2PDF

If you are looking for a file converter with the help of which you can use to convert pdf file in any other format, then this free converter is made for you. You can use online 2 PDF converter to turn the pdf file into any other format, merge files, extract pages, rotate pdf files and compress PDFs. The maximum file size can be 50 MB, and it can convert a 100-page file.

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