What is the consumer journey?

What is the consumer journey? It involves every interaction clients get into with a company, product or service. Making a purchase alone is preceded with numerous steps, which e-consumers take, before they even think of finalizing a transaction. The fact that you offer amazing products will not be enough to encourage clients to buy them if they simply can’t find you on the web.

Customer journey

Many elements make up the customer journey. It can be both an amazing product as well as seo, re-marketing or Google Ads. It is extremely difficult to analyse the reasons for which clients browse products in an e-store and add them to s cart and then leave the store. That is the reason why Customer Journey Map was created and you can read about it in the following Customer Journey Mapping for Ecommerce article (https://www.growcode.com/blog/customer-journey-mapping/).

In short – customer journey is the overall sum of experiences which clients go through while interacting with your company. Customers like to feel positive emotions when they make a purchase. They get those as early as at the first stage of their shopping experience, that is searching for products. The shopping process itself must also be enjoyable for them, and later once they receive the products – they must also feel content.

Getting into interactions with a brand

Clients get into interactions with brands at a very early stage – it may be through Google search engine, but also through banners, opinions or ads in social media. They can also visit your website after it has been recommended by one of your satisfied customers. You have to bear in mind:

  • reviews and accounts on social media,
  • the website,
  • team customer service,
  • post-purchase online store service.

Those are the elements that need to be mapped. Apart from that, create a persona and think in what places, offline and online, your ads should appear. It may turn out that an ugly billboard will discourage a potential buyer. Problem may also lay in a site that opens too slowly or if the shopping process is too complicated. Or maybe you haven’t enabled customers to make payments via their smartphones?

Feel like a client

Customer journey does not only mean all the stages during which customers find out about your brand and get into interactions with it. It also involves a whole range of emotions that accompany customers during those five shopping stages. If you are worried about abandoned carts, try to get into customers’ shoes and think what might be discouraging for them in the whole process. Maybe negative comments? Or maybe you are not visible online?


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